My Honest Review of the Growth Marketing Minidegree from CXL Institute Part 7

Liz Jones
5 min readSep 27, 2020

**This is part seven of my adventure in the CXL Institute mini degree. CXL Institute generously awarded me a scholarship to access their growth marketing mini degree in exchange for my honest review of my experience over twelve weeks. Read part one here. Here’s part two, part three, part four, part five, part six. As always, thanks for joining me on my journey!**

The strangest twist of 2020, for me, is that I never quite feel my feet under me. Somehow time is moving at hyperspeed, and weeks are feeling like hours. I plugged into 2020 and have just been whipped around and around in this groundhog day experiment. It’s surreal.

What does this mean for my work with CXL? It means that every weekend, I’m dumbfounded that I am sitting here again, already. No matter how many hours I invest, it never seems to shake out on Saturday when I start writing these reviews. I ask myself, “What did I do this week?” and the answer is equally EVERYTHING and NOTHING.

Thankfully, CXL offers a comprehensive roadmap to help take off the pressure of “keeping up” with what I did or have yet to so. I just look at the percentage of the course and assess whether I’m “on track” or not based on the amount of the course I’ve completed thus far. A big green checkmark clearly demarcates where I’m finished.

Things that got a big checkmark this week:

Attribution- Sexy Marketing?

There’s a bit of hype around attribution, and it’s become a bit of a sexy buzzword in a few marketing circles.

But really, attribution boiled down is understanding what data organizations have and how to use that information to better understand consumer behavior. With this deep understanding of behavior, we, as marketers, can create value for organizations.

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

Without knowing where your customers have been, and what things drove their behavior, you will waste resources trying to replicate the…

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