My Honest Review of the Growth Marketing Minidegree from CXL Institute Part 1

Liz Jones
5 min readAug 15, 2020

When you picture a growth marketer, you’re not going to think of me — a homeschooling mother of two, who likes to tend to the garden barefoot.

And yet here we are.

I fell into the world of marketing quite a bit by accident, planning to change the world with poetry and witty literary quips. Instead, I fell head over heels for the stories that connect people together in business. It turns out I love making money for small businesses. Who would have thought?

The matrix of my life includes a large section of space reserved for hungrily pursuing bettering and furthering my craft and relentlessly pursuing better connections between small businesses and their customers.

After-all, mothers get things done.

It’s been over 10 years since I first started testing, analyzing, and implementing what I’ve referred to as “micro-stories” in small businesses to facilitate growth. Some organizations have rapidly grown leaps and bounds after I’ve plugged into them, and some have grown more slowly.

And getting a more consistent feel to how to navigate growth marketing was the next step in my career. I’m primarily self-taught in marketing- gleaning heaps of information from hands-on work with businesses, and from experts who have generously mentored me. I have my Bachelor’s in Languages and Literature with a specialization in creative writing. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much help there in my career because frankly, my grammar can still use some work.

When I saw the Growth Marketing mini degree from CXL Institute, I was in. I had been searching for content from Chris Mercer because I knew he was the person I needed to connect with to solve a tagging issue I was running into. Mercer teaches in the mini degree and is joined by many other professionals I admire and follow. Momoko Price, Paul Boag? Sign me UP.

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